Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcoming a New Year

“There is something to be said of New Year - new opportunities, new possibilities, new ways of thinking, new vision, new energy and stamina. There is a difference between new and fresh. Sometimes things in our lives need freshening up but at other times we just need NEWNESS. That is my wish for you all that this year (2012) will freshen what can be freshened in our lives and that that we can all have the mental, emotional, spiritual and financial makeovers that will bring NEWNESS into our lives. HAPPY 2012 love, success and breakthroughs to you all” (as voiced by a dear and respected friend. May I extend this wish to you as well; have a most wonderful 2012!)

I have considered starting a blog for a long time… however it’s a little intimidating. Do I really have enough to say to warrant creating an entire page devoted to the details of my little life? Maybe, maybe not. Nevertheless, I am finally beginning and I figure there is no better inaugural blog entry to post on the first day of a new year, than my resolutions for 2012. Resolutions have always been met with a bit of an eye roll from me; though usually well meaning, I rarely see them through. So, while I don’t necessarily expect to 100% accomplish everything I would love to achieve over this year, I have goals. And as the saying goes, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” 
New Year’s Resolutions 2012:
1.     Learn to play squash
2.   Play squash
3.    Start skating again
4.   Yoga Yoga Yoga
5.   Eat healthy
6.   Be more thankful
7.  Think positive—coach not critic!
8.   Arrive to class on time!
9.   Had in assignments on time!
10.  No late library books
11.    Avoid gossip!
12.   Random acts of kindness
13.   Get to bed E A R L I E R
14.   Blog regularly
15.  Spend less, save more
16.  Make better use of the crock pot
17.  Complete 30 day challenge (bikram yoga)
18.  Complete a 30 x 30 clothing challenge

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