Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Library Love

Completing a BA in Humanities (specifically English and History) meant for HEAPS of reading. Some was enlightening and brilliant. Some was so incredibly full of run on sentences *insert hair pulling here* and drudgery… There is something about University that almost takes the joy out of reading. When you have to read hundreds of pages weekly simply to keep afloat it can be draining. The idea of reading for pleasure seems like some kind of distant, foggy dream (did that actually happen to me or did I just imagine it?) Now, in the midst of my BEd, the required readings have not lessened, but I am learning to make time to read. Just. For. Me. (it’s delightful by the way). In order to gain some new material I journeyed to the library yesterday whilst husband coached. I LOVE public libraries; they’ve such an eclectic mix of people and books and possibility. Also they are FREE, you simply cannot go wrong! As a result of my visit I am eagerly delving into Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald. It was a Canada Reads Selection in 2010 and has been described as “stunning”, “magnetic” and “beautiful”; sounds promising, no?

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  1. I wish the public library here was free! Let me know how this read turns out. I may be interested... :-)