Monday, 21 May 2012

Tapioca Pudding

Tonight I made tapioca pudding (vegan to circumvent my food issues). Isn’t that weird? I say weird because I think I have had tapioca pudding once or twice in my life ever. The time or two would have been ohhhh two decades ago (#olderthanilook). And weird because really, tapioca pudding is not exactly something celebrated in my generation. Perhaps for obvious reasons, my dad used to call it “frog egg” pudding. Yum. But today, a craving struck. So I had to oblige (of course!) and also to figure out why. I think it’s based on three factors: my need for something comforting that DOES NOT have gluten in it; my fairly recent discovered love of bubble tea; and finally the fact that Matt and I watched “New in Town” a month or so back (in which tapioca played more of a starring role than Zellweger or Conwick). If a movie I watched a while back can impact me that way, what ELSE am I picking up subconsciously from media???? But enough deep thought for now ;) I am going to relax with my weird, comforting pudding and watch Emily Maynard date her way through a mansion of handsome eligible bachelors.

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