Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tucker's Morning Adventure

Safely on a leash, about the same spot he caught up to me :)

Like most dogs, our Tucker loves to roll in smelly things, hates baths and will eat almost A N Y T H I N G. Like most dogs, he loves a good belly rub, chewing on sticks, balls and shoes, as well as chasing squirrels. And like most dogs, Tucker LIVES for walks. So imagine his happy surprise this morning when he realized I left the gate open as I left for school--what good fortune! Myself, ignorant of this in my haste to make class on time, had just got to the end of our road on my bike when a grinning, sprinting dog barrelled up beside me. I can assure you his facial expression read nothing short of "OH BOY! OH BOY! OH BOY! Where to, where to, where to?!" Unfortunately, I had to end his short-lived adventure and in the midst of laughing give myself a stern reminder to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS close the gate. 

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