Saturday, 2 June 2012

Xtreme Golf

 My awesome chip onto the green :)
Husband got on the green in one for a birdie!

I married into a family that plays golf--seriously. I however, did not grow up playing golf. As much as I love sports, I don't have a lot of finesse. Give me a game where I can run fast and body check and I am usually good to go. But things that require real accuracy, concentration and spatial ability? Not so much. Needless to say, golfing doesn't always bring out the best side of me. I get angry, frustrated, irritable and speak "choice" words that really have no place coming out of a future teacher's mouth. Luckily the husband is very patient with me and I am learning...slowly. I am getting better: becoming more focused, more patient and less hard on myself. I am learning to enjoy the beauty of being out on the course, enjoying the pristine landscaping that defines a course, and all the wildlife that seem to call them home. This week we had two golf dates. Rainy, as per Victoria's usual, but wonderful. The weather meant we had the course largely to ourselves and that any of my would be errant balls were slowed down by the wet grass (yay!). I even had a few uncharacteristically great balls (evidence in the photo above: chipping seems to be my one golf strength). But I considered what would make golf a better more exciting sport. What if golf were more like biathlon? I think if I could do any winter sport professionally (hahaha I can dream), it would be biathlon. X-country skiing and target shooting, TIMED? yes pleeease! Now, imagine for a moment sprinting the golf course instead of leisurely walking or worse, driving... Having to be accurate and efficient? It would be extreme golf. I think it could be AMAZING. A showcase for true athleticism and mental prowess. Now, I have not worked out all the little details in my mind, but I am hoping that if it doesn't exist already (I should check) that it will one day. I am a rather impatient gal, I like speed. Golf is slow... make golf fast? I think I am onto something here :) Yes, maybe?

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