Thursday, 5 January 2012

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Afternoon at the Museum
Once a year, in early January, the Royal BC Museum here in Victoria offers admission by donation, as professional students, husband and I are not above taking them up on such an offer. Thus, it has become a bit of an annual New Year tradition. This time round, the featured exhibit was the Best Wildlife Photography of the year. So many truly amazing photos each accompanied by an informative write up (which very much appealed to the English teacher in me). Such an inspiring combination of talent and dedication. Taking photos of the exhibit would have been frowned upon, but here’s a link showcasing some of the pics.
at the museum (Legislature in the background)
Baby Girl
There will be no babies for baby girl. The little lady had an ovariohysterectomy yesterday. Ughhhh doesn’t that just sound so awful? In more euphemistic terms, she was spayed. She came home with this little cone on—ADORABLE. Poor Minka, she hates it. Her main aim in life right now is to get it off. I sympathize but at the same time it’s so cute watching her stumble around with it on… and because it’s tied on with gauze in a bow, it looks like a bonnet. Tres cute.
Minka in her "bonnet"
One of my most favourite things to do is hike. Luckily we live quite close to a great little mountain here in Vic, Mount Doug [or as we refer to it Mt. Dog (we run into many four-legged friends there)]. Tucker loves going there so today, during a brief respite from rainfall, Husband, dog and I trekked the very muddy paths. It was lovely. I often forget to stop and take note of how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place. I might be a little biased but I really do think BC is the best place on earth!
 Muddy trail on Mt. Doug
 With my Tbear
And finally, tomorrow is Friday. Friday! So excited for the weekend!! It’s been a busy week going back to school and working like crazy. I am looking forward to a little r &r with husband and some girl time with some good friends. Husband and I are trying something new this year, a resolution if you may. We borrowed the idea from Sydney over at the Daybook and are going to try to have a scheduled date night as well as a family night (stay in and actually spend time together. It’s so easy to be at home, in the same room but not really be aware of the other). As Matty is under the weather with a bad cold, it looks like movies, games and popcorn will be on the agenda. EXCITED!!!

Enjoy your weekend! xo

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